Craft Girl Strikes Again

{May 22, 2006}   Go Gremlins!

I'm gearing up for the BGAL by creating Gremlin patterns. Still not sure exactly what my BGAL project is going to be. But I tested one of the patterns, so I share it with you. Here's my basic crocheted gremlin chart: (Based on this image by Ang. Free to share, if you want it.)

Gremlin crochet chart

And here is how it looked when I tested it.

Crocheted Gremlin

This was done with Patons Canadiana yarn in Royal Blue and Gold. I pulled the yarn a little too tightly at first – you can really see it in the rows around the tips of the hands. But overall, a gremlin!

ETA:  Larger, more detailed chart.  This one is 70 x 70 stitches – too big for a pillow, too small for a blanket.  But if anyone wants to try it out, go for it!


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